Museum of Human Disease

The Museum of Human Disease is located at UNSW in Kensington. Our Museum houses over 2,500 diseased human tissues specimens. The Museum was established in 1959 by Professor Donald Wilhelm, the foundation Professor of Pathology at UNSW. The Museum of Human Disease is open to all members of the public.

Our Museum's objective is to provide a space that enables all people to make educated decisions about their health and lifestyle choices. We endeavour to provide our visitors with an experience which can inform them and challenge them.

Our people
Dean Lovett
Museum Director

Dean is the Director of the Museum of Human Disease. Dean studied Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Information Systems and Business Analytics.

Adam Strang
Education Officer

Adam is an Education Officer with a background in chemistry and extensive experience in science communication.

Teagan Mock
Dr. Teagan
Education Officer

Teagan is an Education Officer. Teagan holds a Ph.D in Evolutionary Biology, with a focus in Sexual Conflict.

David Cutting
Museum Preservation Specialist

David is the Museum's Preservation Specialist. David is an expert in the wet preservation and museum mounting of tissue samples and has more than ten years experience in long-term tissue preservation.

Topic Sosa
Museum Administration Assistant

Nicole is responsible for the establishing of a Collection Management System and the management of the Museum's medicine education collection.  

Education Program Developer

Ashley did her undergraduate degree and honours year in Advanced Science, majoring in pathology. She develops educational programs for our visiting school groups, including our Genetics and Investigating Science units.