Welcome to the Museum of Human Disease

The Museum of Human Disease contains over 2,500 disease human tissue specimens. Our comprehensive collection demonstrates hundreds of diseases and their complications including HIV/AIDs, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, genetic diseases and the effects of drugs.

The Museum contains examples of both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Some diseases such as typhoid and diphtheria are now quite rare in Australia due to vaccination and public health programs. Other infectious diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis still remain as major problems within the community. Many diseases associated with lifestyle are also available to view and provide great evidence of the impact of unhealthy lifestyle factors. The Museum houses exhibits on smoking, obesity, alcohol, drugs and mental health.


Upcoming Museum Closures

The museum will be closed to the public on the following dates:

Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th & Friday 15th November 2019 for medical student exams

Wednesday 18th December 2019 for maintenance

Monday 23rd December 2019 - Sunday 5th January 2020 for the UNSW campus shutdown period

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